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Panda security is the fourth largest retailer of antivirus utilities in the world. Once you explore all that their software has to offer, it’s easy to see why.

A healthy combination of user-friendly design, low system resource requirements, and powerful antivirus technology make Panda Antivirus 2008 an excellent choice for anyone that wants powerful protection for their PC that isn’t too complicated and won’t slow down other computer functions.

Panda Antivirus 2008 allows you to chat, surf the web, share photos and videos and more with total peace of mind knowing that you are fully protected.

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Main Features
»Cutting edge antivirus technology.
»Thorough and efficient spyware detection and removal.
»Antiphishing technology greatly reduces the risk of fraud.
»Antirootkit safeguards provide protection against one of the newest kinds of threats.
»TotalScan Pro facilitates deep scans.
Other Features
TotalScan Pro allows you to execute deep scans of your PC.
This new technology is exclusive to Panda makes it so that you can initialize periodic deep scans that can detect and remove the most sophisticated threats that may be able to pass through traditional antivirus or other security filters.

No More Spyware.
Spyware can be incredibly annoying and frustrating, especially when it greatly impairs the efficiency or other functions of your computer. In some cases, intrusive and unsolicited ads will pop up randomly on machines that are infected with spyware. Aside from just being bothersome, some more malicious types of spyware are actually used to gather personal information about the owners of the computers that they infect. Panda Antivirus 2008 can detect and remove virtually all types of spyware.

Automatic detection and removal of viruses.
Some common signs that your computer may be infected with a virus include: Content mysteriously vanishing from your hard disk, problems booting up your computer, files appear to be damaged or corrupted. There are several ways to contract a computer virus, some as harmless as simply as accidentally visiting a malicious website. Worms and Trojan horses are other types of viruses that can cause significant damage to your PC and hijack your system’s resources. A newer type of infection, called a rootkit, is commonly used to disguise or bury malware so that most PC owners don’t detect it. However, Panda Antivirus 2008 has highly advanced technology to detect rootkits. With this Panda product installed, you can download files and visit websites safely knowing that you are protected.

Online Fraud Protection
More prevalent than ever before are crimes of fraud and identity theft on the internet due to phishing. Phishing is the unscrupulous tactic of tricking users to reveal their personal information, usually by impersonating a reputable company’s website or through email.

This is particularly dangerous when online banking transactions are regularly made. Panda Antivirus 2008 can easily detect fraudulent websites and emails and alert you immediately, before you involuntarily give out personal information to thieves.

System Requirements
»Processor: Pentium 150 MHz or faster
»RAM: 64 MB
»Hard disk: 170 MB free space
»Operating system: Windows Vista 32 & 64 bit, Windows XP 32 & 64 bit, Windows 2000
»Internet Explorer 6.0
»CD-ROM drive
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