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Webroot Antivirus features an advanced antivirus detection engine powered by Sophos. This sophisticated technology has won the Virus Bulletin 100 Award 39 times, a feat not matched by any other major antivirus provider.

Along with the award-winning antivirus technology, Webroot antivirus also features powerful antispyware powered by Spy Sweeper. Webroot’s Spy Sweeper has been proven to be capable of finding and removing 40% more spies than the competition. The exceptional performance of Webroot Antivirus compared to other antivirus software developers makes it an excellent choice to protect your PC. It’s also an incredible value!

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Main Features
»Superb antivirus technology powered by Sophos with 38 Virus Bulletin 100 certifications.
»Advanced antispyware technology powered by award-winning Spy Sweeper.
»Comprehensive and powerful firewall to protect against hacker attacks and theft of data/personal info.
»Effective, protection from all of the Internet’s most dangerous threats – and its easy to use!
»Prevents, detects, and removes threats (360° protection).
»Complete antivirus and antispyware protection at a remarkable price.
»100% FREE online and phone support for subscribers from US based experts.
Other Features
Minimal Performance Impact
Some antivirus utilities use large amounts of system resources to protect your computer, therefore slowing down overall system performance. Webroot Antivirus optimizes your security for the most possible speed and efficiency without sacrificing any security. To further minimize performance impact, you may schedule system scans to be performed when your PC is not in use

Email Security
Active monitoring of your inbound as well as outbound email ensures that your security has not been compromised and that any and all email attachments are not infected by hidden malware such as viruses and spyware.

Quick, Full or Custom Sweep
You have three options when performing a sweep: Quick, full, or custom. If you don’t have the type for a full sweep and just want an immediate diagnosis, you can run a quick sweep. If you know the particular drive or folder you want swept, then you can choose to scan that area specifically by conducting a custom sweep. For the deepest and most thorough cleaning, choose the full sweep.

Rootkit Discovery Methods
Rootkits are nasty types of malware that bury files deep within your PC and disguise them so that many types of traditional security software cannot detect them. Webroot AntiVirus effectively detects and eliminates rootkit threats with advanced discovery methods not often found in the competition.

Works with Vista
It has been reported that many other security utilities encounter problems when run on the Windows Vista operating system. Webroot AntiVirus is fully compatible with Vista and integrated with the Windows Security Center.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
Webroot stands by their products and offers a no-questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee.

System Requirements
»Vista (32 bit versions of Home Basic, Premium, Business, or Ultimate), or XP (32 bit versions of Professional, Home, Media Center, or XP Tablet)
»300 MHz processor
»100 MB hard drive space
»256 MB RAM
»Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher or FireFox 2.0 or higher for connecting to the Webroot web site.
»Download Size: 24.4 MB
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