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There are countless types of malware out there that can seriously impact your system. The only way to completely protect your PC from the potential damage that can be done by viruses and other malware is to prevent them from ever accessing your computer.

ZoneAlarm Antivirus features a tremendously powerful firewall that prevents hackers from being able to get to your PC. If your PC has any pre-existing infections or if you manage to contract one by other means in the future, ZoneAlarm Antivirus has you covered. The powerful antivirus engine easily removes viruses and then immunizes your PC against them.

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Main Features
»Viruses and other types of malware are stopped before they can jeopardize your computer.
»Your PC is constantly protected.
»Easy install process as well as any easy to use interface.
Other Features
Antivirus Protection
ZoneAlarm Antivirus features an award-winning antivirus engine with advanced detection and removal technology. Signature updates are delivered hourly so even the most recent viruses are detected.

Network and Application Firewall
Proactive firewall with several layers of security that guard the network perimeter and halt any inbound, outbound, and program attacks while simultaneously making your computer invisible to hackers by using full stealth mode.

Operating System Firewall
Prevents damage or security breaches caused by spyware that many other brands of security software have difficulty removing, including rootkits and kernel-level threats

»Identifies and filters more than 100,000 programs ensuring continuous protection against threats.
»In-depth monitoring of file access, program installation, and registry changes
»Malicious software is effectively prevented from damaging files in the core Windows OS.

Highly intuitive technology monitors your activity and learns which programs you regularly use, thereby significantly reducing the amount of interruptions and security alerts that you receive during the initial period after install. Security settings are automatically configured and threats are rated based on the level of damage they can potentially cause.

Game Mode
Many other brands of security software inhibit online game play and can severely impact performance. ZoneAlarm Antivirus allows you to temporarily suppress non-critical security alerts when playing games so that your gaming experience is unaltered yet you’re still fully protected.

Email Security
Any suspicious attachments are automatically quarantined to protect you from unknown viruses, and potentially infected outgoing messages are prevented from being sent so that you don’t accidentally infect others.

Wireless Protection
Wireless networks are automatically detected and your PC is protected from Internet threats while you’re connected.

Real-time security updates are delivered to your PC with information pertaining to all of the latest threats.

Superior Performance
ZoneAlarm Antivirus offers complete protection without unnecessarily using up system resources to allow for optimal performance.

System Requirements
»Windows 2000 Pro/XP/Vista (32-bit)
»Pentium III 450 MHz or higher
»50MB of available hard disk space
»Internet access
»Minimum system RAM: 64MB (2000 Pro), 128MB (XP)
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