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Say goodbye to hazardous viruses and annoying spyware with the help of ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite. Not only does it thoroughly remove threats but it also has advanced technology to prevent new threats from entering your system.

In addition to the basic antivirus and antispyware protection, ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite protects you from identity theft, phishing, and other hazards that come along with using the Internet.

Superior firewall protection completes the package, earning Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite its place among the absolute best PC security utilities. No PC connected to the Internet should be without this sophisticated protection.

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Main Features
»Top-notch antivirus and antispyware technology that halts dangerous malware before it can infect your PC.
»Superior firewall technology.
»Easy to install with unique service and helpful tools that give you total control.
Other Features
Brand new antivirus engine provides the absolute best protection along with advanced detection and removal power. Signature updates are delivered hourly, ensuring that you are constantly protected against even the most recent and volatile viruses.

Thorough detection and removal capabilities allow deep scans to effectively purge your system of any spyware. Even the most stealth of the spyware varieties can be detected and removed.

Anti-Spam and Anti-Phishing
Even the latest spamming methods are no match against ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite’s powerful automatic spam blocking, as it is designed to constantly adapt to new spamming techniques. Phishing attempts via email can potentially result in identity theft or fraud, but not with this powerful security utility protecting you.

In-depth Identity Protection
»Prohibits pre-approved credit card offers from getting through. These offers usually contain sensitive personal data that can be hijacked by criminals for purposes of identity theft (offered as part of a credit industry service for US customers only).
»Monitors the internet and lists of stolen credit card lists to detect theft and alerts you if one of your cards has been stolen.
»Provides education tools to help you learn about identity theft and how to prevent it, as well as information about how to detect if your identity has already been compromised and what to do about it.

Network and Application Firewall
Proactive firewall technology provides you with several layers of protection that halt inbound, outbound, and application attacks while simultaneously causing you to appear invisible to hackers (full stealth mode).

Operating System Firewall
Prevents the most difficult to remove spyware, including kernel-level threats and rootkits, from accessing your PC and potentially causing harm.

Saves you the headaches often associated with other types of security software that cause frequent interruptions and unnecessary or excessive security alerts. The Auto-Learn feature monitors your habits during the first two weeks after the install and then configures your security settings accordingly.

Game Mode
Allows you to suppress most security alerts during game play to prevent them from interrupting your experience or impairing system performance. Your PC will still be fully protected.

Wireless Protection
Detects available wireless networks and secures your PC from potential Internet threats while you’re connected.

SmartDefense Service
Keeps your PC updated with real-time security news, along with faster response to new spyware threats. SmartDefense Advisor will automatically adjust your security settings, providing you with the latest protection against new virus and spyware outbreaks.

By gathering data from the ZoneAlarm user community, DefenseNet provides early warning concerning the latest outbreaks of spyware and other types of malware.

Superior Performance
Effectively and efficiently provides you with complete PC protection, allowing for a continuously safe experience without severely affecting system performance.

System Requirements
»Windows 2000 Pro/XP.
»Pentium III 450 MHz or higher.
»50MB of available hard disk space.
»Internet access.
»Minimum system RAM: 64MB (2000 Pro), 128MB (XP)
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