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If you suspect your computer may be infected by a virus or other malware you can use these great free online tools to diagnose and fix any problems. Remember these are only short term fixes - to safegaurd your computer longterm the best protection is to install an antivirus program. For a list of suggested antivirus programs check out our Antivirus Program Directory.

Do you know of any other good online tools we dont have listed? We'd love to check them out, send us an email!

Virus detection & removal

Trend Micro HouseCall
Check if your computer is infected with viruses and malware. HouseCall also performs additional security checks to pin point any other vunerabilities and prevent future infections occurring.

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McAfee Virus Removal Tools
Detect and remove some common viruses. Whilst not as encompassing as Trend Micro's HouseCall it's still a handy tool for free if you happen to have one of the viruses that it's available to fix.

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Kaspersky Free Virus Scan & Removal Tools
Scan your pc for known viruses and security issues using Kaspersky antivirus technology, no install required - just a web browser (Internet Explorer)
Remove over 40 common computer viruses and security vulnerabilities.

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Panda Activescan & Quick Remover
Scan for viruses and venrebilities using Panda technology. Remove over 140 viruses if detected.

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avast! Virus Cleaner
Free tool for detecting and removing virus infections from your computer. Removes a large list of well known viruses and worms as well as fix the registry and startup items.

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Spyware detection & removal

Spybot - Search & Destroy
This free to download tool scans your computers hard driver for known spyware and gives the user the option of removing any detected threats as well as immunizing against future threats.

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Security Checks

Symantec Security Check
Test your computer's exposure to online security threats and learn how to make your computer more secure.

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Audit My PC
A range of popular tools to test your PC's security capabilities and help address any short comings in your computers defences.

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